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Inheritance and Innovation
来源: 日期:2016/1/26 11:01:00

"Tianfu Longya 6 + X"  a powerful tool forSichuantea’s clustering brand development

At the 3rd China(Sichuan) Int’l Tea Expo held in May, the regional brand- "Tianfu Longya 6 + X" initiated by Sichuan Tea Group made a stunning debut. On this occasion, it set a new tea brand by inheritingChina’s six major tea categories and carrying through its unique innovative ideas.

Lay a solid foundation in its branding strategy

As everybody knows, whenSichuangovernment started its move to build up a "tea industry with 100 billion output value", Sichuan Tea Group has stood at the forefront of the industrial development. Such an enterprise alliance is very conducive for tea enterprises to concentrate their superior resources and keep peace with the times.

However, it is so hard to really realize resource-sharing and advantageous complementation so as to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises in the domestic and international markets, especially in presence of so many different tea brands and harsh regional restrictions.

Hence, Sichuan Tea Group established "Sichuan Tea Industry Technology Research Institute" and "SichuanTeaIndustryBusinessSchool", and also was honored as "NationalEnterpriseTechnologyCenter" and "Tea Engineering Technology Research Center of Sichuan Province", thus laying a solid foundation for its innovation-driven strategy for the entire tea industry chain and its talents training strategy for revitalizingSichuantea industry. On this basis, Sichuan Tea Group launched the "Tianfu Longya 6 + X" brand to seek common grounds with other companies to build a big regional brand ofSichuantea.

Six colors are highlighted simultaneously   inherit millennial deposit of Chinese tea

Chinese tea with a long history can be traced back to the period of legendary Shennong who tasted a hundred of herbs. Since Qin Dynasty, the tea processing technology gradually became mature; during Han Dynasty, drinking tea became more popular, and the Chinese tea industry took shape in Tang Dynasty; after that, Chinese tea culture became increasingly rich as an important part of Chinese traditional culture.

However, as time goes on, how many people can exactly speak out and distinguish six tea categories covering "green, red, blue, yellow, black and white"? Of course, there are multiple tea classification methods, yet the classification methods based on the production methods and colors are highly recognized in the industry; it’s well understood that the tea has a well-defined character to improve our personality. Moreover, each type of tea has unique processing methods, different colors, brewing ways and curative effects, without mentioning various stories, songs and chanting poems......

As a key strategy of adapting itself to diversified demands of current market consumption, Sichuan Tea Group has now changed its "green, red, black" three categories to six categories, which reflect the essence of "6" in "Tianfu Longya" and even the only path to the enterprise’s group development.

Find common grounds   collectively build a large regional brand

Despite of a variety of tea enterprises and tea brands in Sichuan, Sichuan Tea Group is only determined to create the brand: "Tianfu Longya".

However, due to the characteristics of the tea industry and different characteristics and advantages of each tea brand, how to fully keep the essence and remove the dregs, how to retain the advantages and also give a clear brand identity to the market and the consumers as the large regional brand?

"Tianfu Longya" has "x" infinite possibilities.

There is one variable containing "equitable development" concept--all of the alliance enterprises of Sichuan Tea Group can use the "Tianfu Longya" brand under the premise of keeping its own brand; of course, each procedure from choosing tea varieties, plantation to processing must meet the regional brand requirements; in this way, the alliance enterprises of Sichuan Tea Group will be able to enjoy the benefit of regional brand. For example, for Zaobaijian only limited to produce green tea and red tea, perhaps now it can produce brand new white tea of "Tianfu Longya" brand.

There is also a variable leaving a space for "innovative development" - large development of the industry will not happen without innovation, and the market demand also requires innovation; Therefore, it is the only path to enrich the connotation of regional brand by constantly developing new products which can answer for more consumers’ needs based on six categories of tea. For example, the brand of "Excellent Red & Black" developed by Sichuan Tea Group (formerly known as Xufu Tea Industry) is a new kind of black tea with both the taste of red tea and the efficacy of black tea.


With the shift of national policy orientation as well as the influx of foreign capitals to the relevant tea industry, the tea industry competition is increasingly fierce. It’s expected that in the near future, the tea industry will encounter a major reshuffling; then how to smoothly survive in the shuffling process? Obviously, the competitive strength of enterprise alliance is much stronger than a single enterprise. Only forming an alliance to access the limited resources can achieve a virtuous cycle of sustainable development and maximum utilization of resources. The "Tianfu Longya 6 + X" brand strategy lays a more solid foundation for Sichuan Tea Group “to share risks, resources and achievements among members, and finally realize interdependence and common development”.



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