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Profile to Sichuan Tea Industr


Sichuan Tea Industry Group Co., Ltd. set up on the basis of Sichuan Xufu Tea Industry Co., Ltd. as main body with other several tea companies in October 2013. and  is a modern joint-stock enterprises engaged in improved variety breeding of  tea , demonstrating in planting of tea , preliminary and deep processing for tea, brand marketing, scientific research and promoting, application for tea culture as well development for tea tourism and other related tea industry. Holding or taking stake in twelve company  including Scientific research & promoting company, Creative—planning company, Seed-breeding of tea company, Production & business company, Import & export company, Brand--marketing company, Chain--management company, Tea machinery company, Packing company, Tourism development company, Fund company, Small loan company,etc.
     Sichuan Xufu Tea Industry Co., Ltd. as the main body of Sichuan Tea Industry Group Co., Ltd. was honored as " National Major Top Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization ", "National Excellent Top Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization ", "Sichuan Excellent  Private Enterprise ",  and "Top Ten Private Enterprise of  Yibin",  etc.  It has  more than 400000 mus of tea base by self-building and  associating and benefiting 200000 households of farmer ; increasing  more than 100000 peasant workers’ employed through seasonal tea picking  and processing. In addition, It has a one of the biggest Science & technology base of Tea industry in domestic(Core area covers an area of 4800 mus), as well as a Mountain organic tea base (10500 mus), and also own the advantage of only one “Enterprise Technology Centers Recognized by the State” in  the domestic tea industry and only one “Sichuan Tea Industry Engineering Technology Research Center”in Sichuan tea industry. It has carried out a long-term strategic cooperation with “Tea Research Institute of China”, “Tea Research Institute of Sichuan”, “Hunan Agricultural University” and “Sichuan Agricultural University” etc, as well other Scientific research institutes, Colleges and universities  both in and out of Sichuan, leading Technological progress and industrial upgrading for Sichuan tea industry or even .the domestic tea industry.
      For implementing the spirit of The Eighteenth Congress of the Communist Party of China and Development Strategy of "Scientific Development, Accelerate Development ",and "More Multipolar Support" made out by Sichuang provincial party committee and provincial government ,the company will in accordance with the developing view of “United development, and mutual benefit together”, Insisting on innovation drive , Implementating of the " five big innovative development model"-------The whole tea industrial chain development model , The producing and researching & innovating development mode based on enterprises as the main body, Decentralized management mode of Investment and management ,  Brand marketing development model of co-construction and sharing, Profit distribution model of mutural win),  using capital and  core - competitiveness as a link , and  improving common interests as the core target,  facing the entire province main areas and market of tea both at home and abroad, playing their respective resource advantages, carrying out various forms of cooperation , Fostering actively "Sichuan tea group members", making  speedly "Sichuan tea group" to bigger and stronger, Through 3 years of efforts, to achieve the goal of "three 100" : Annual sales income reached over of 10 billion yuan , Drive the province tea garden area more reached over of 1 million mu, Drive more than 1 million farmers continue to increase their income , Becoming the leader and vanguard for developing billions of sichuan tea industry.

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